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Artist: Claud D. Moor, German, b. 1948
Title: H1460, 1999. Installed 2001
Media: Cararra marble
Dimensions: 12" h., 8' w., 2'8" d.
Owner: Southwestern Illinois College Foundation

About the Work
Built of gleaming white cararra marble and standing on a grassy knoll, the 12 and a
half-ton freestanding doorway
H1460 invites the viewer to step through its portal. While it may bring to mind doorways constructed by ancient civilizations, it may also conjure up futuristic landscapes built and inhabited by other worldly beings. With its cryptic title, H1460, Moor invites the viewer to pass through its arch free of preconceived notions about its meaning.

The marble was selected by the artist, Claus D. Moor, from a quarry in Italy and shipped to Germany where it was engineered, cut and sanded using customized machinery. After construction, the sculpture was shipped by boat to the East coast then trucked to Chicago where it was first exhibited at the Chicago Navy Pier Show in 1999. At the time of purchase it was hauled to Belleville by truck and installed at its present site. While the base of the piece is permanently attached to its cement pad,
the arch fits together like a vertical puzzle without the use of motor, bolts or adhesives.

Moor was born in Germany in 1948 where family circumstances led him to become an electrical engineer. Interested in art from an early age, he continued his course as a self-taught artist while working as an electrician. In 1980 he created his first sculptures and soon founded an artists’ residence community and gallery in southern Germany. Moor was the 1995 recipient of the Cite Internationale des Arts de Paris stipend. His works can be seen in many venues in Germany, and in the United States he has exhibited at Pierwalk in Chicago. He lives in Germany and in Tuscany, Italy.