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Cromlech Glenn

Cromlech Glenn

Artist: Beverly Pepper, American, b. 1924
Title: Cromlech Glenn, 1985 - 1990
Media: Earth, sod, sandstone, spruce, scoth pine, and liriope
Dimensions: 21' h.
Owner: Commissioned by Laumeier Sculpture Park with the support of anonymous donors.

About the Work
Just beyond the forest there appears a high walled-earthen basin with its floor on the natural grade of the land; perhaps it is the remains of an ancient fortification or a mysterious natural formation. To experience Cromlech Glenn’s monumental form, the viewer must enter the interior through a gap in the steep embankment. Upon entering the crater-like space, the visitor may feel a peaceful mood of undisturbed quiet. To walk up the steep steps leading to the top of the Glenn’s grass-covered embankment and to walk around the top of its circular wall is to experience a completely different sensation. Looking down into the interior from this height one may experience a feeling of virtual weightlessness or lightness of being.

Cromlech Glenn is a man-made glen or a long narrow valley. The terrain was manipulated by earthmoving machines to form a high-walled solid basin with its floor on the natural grade of the land. Its steep walls were covered with sod and stone steps were embedded in the earth along one end. This site-specific work was designed to be a functional space that could serve as a place for meditation, poetry readings and small dance or musical performances.

The artist, Beverly Pepper, was born in Brooklyn in 1924 and studied industrial and advertising design at Pratt Institute and the Art Students League. After extensive work-related travel in Europe and the Far East, she settled in Italy where she began to work as a sculptor. Since 1949 Pepper has maintained a primary residence in Italy where she at first worked making welded sculptures. It wasn’t until the 1970s that she became involved with site-specific art. Her work is in major sculpture collections throughout the world. She currently lives in Italy.