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Artists: Lane Hall, American, b. 1955,
and Lisa Moline, American, b. 1962
Title: Luminario, 2002
Media: Digital prints, tent frame, plastic sheeting
and duratrans posters
Dimensions: 20'h., 20'w.
Owner: Commissioned by Arts and Transit,
temporary installation, Clayton, MO.

About the Work
In this site-specific temporary work, an ordinary vendor’s tent was transformed into a giant lantern with oversized printed images of cicadas, bumble bees, flies, earthworms, and other bugs that are common to the urban environment. At night a soft lantern-like glow illuminated the structure while, at the same time, a sound track of cicadas played. On a sunny day Luminario was lit from within and without by natural light becoming an architectural light box that could be entered by the viewer. Coming upon Luminario in its location amid the carnival-like atmosphere of the art fair, viewers were invited to experience and to explore it within this context.

Lisa Moline and Lane Hall work collaboratively. They have been working together for the past 13 years. Their projects involve large-scale digital output—both laser and ink-jet prints that challenge architectural spaces. This work is temporary, ephemeral and site-specific, and explores the possibilities of affordable and readily available office products (such as laser-print labels and bond paper), as well as more sophisticated digital printing technologies. The team’s stated purpose is to focus on a non-sentimental depiction of nature. Their process involves collecting natural specimens, photographing them, and storing them in a computer archive in categories. This image bank is their visual library and serves as the database for their projects.

Moline and Hall both received MFA degrees from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Their work is in the collections of the Belgian Ministry of Culture, Brussels, Belgium, and the Madison Wisconsin Art Center’s Permanent Collection, among other institutions. They have exhibited in the US and abroad. Both artists are on the faculty at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.