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Shadow Lighting

Shadow Lighting

Artist: Randy Burkett, American
Title: Shadow Lighting, 1992
Media: Electric Lighting
Owner: Commissioned by Grand Center, Inc.

About the Work
At night the urban landscape of the old St. Louis Theater district, now known as Grand Center, is alive with light and energy. Here, empty darkness is dispelled by a lighting project that brightens the facades of several buildings including that of the Grandel Square Theater, the Sun Theater, the Fox Theater and Powell Symphony Hall.

Light in various forms is the media used by the artist to great effect in the installation entitled Shadow Lighting. The limestone face of the Grandel Square Theater is dramatically illuminated along its east base in crisp white light much as a stage set might be lit while overhead; the Grandel’s bell tower is lit in a ghostly blue that draws the attention of the passerby. Around the corner chaser lights flicker, defining the edges of the renovated fluorescent neon Sun Theater sign. Working its magic, the more than 500 feet of yellow and orange tubing bent into the shape of sun rays stretches across the façade of the empty theater. Above the neon sign, three large arched windows are highlighted revealing the detailed design of the building’s cornice and frieze. A single light source placed underneath fire escapes on either side of the Sun Theater obliquely rakes the buildings red brick. To the delight of the viewer, the lighting theme extends to the Fox Theater and Powell Symphony Hall.

The artist, Randy Burkett, was born in Pennsylvania and graduated from Pennsylvania State University. His work is diverse in project type and scale. Over 15 years of professional experience has resulted in a varied collection of successful lighting projects throughout the US and abroad. These include Crate and Barrel Headquarters in Chicago, the Moscow Administration Building in Russia, Seaworld in Florida and The Jefferson Expansion Memorial that includes the St. Louis Arch. Burkett resides in St. Louis.