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Artist: Todd Frahmn, American, b. 1976
Title: Youth, 2002
Media: Bedford Limestone
Dimensions: 5' h., 4' w., 4' d.
Owner: Commissioned by the Clayton Art Commission,
funded by the Clayton Parks Commission

About the Work
Looking as though it just dropped from a giant oak tree to come to rest in a grass-covered corner of a compact urban park lies a giant stone acorn entitled Youth. At five feet tall it looms over younger children and comes to about shoulder height on most adults. This playful sculpture confounds the viewer’s sense of scale just as its title suggests a gentle irony. Standing alone, Youth compels viewers to notice its smooth polished surfaces as well as its finely detailed and textured cap.

The artist, Todd Frahm, carved his sculpture from Bedford Limestone also known as Indiana Limestone. It is quarried in south central Indiana between the cities of Bloomington and Bedford. If the viewer looks closely at the stone he will see it is composed almost entirely of small fragments of marine shells. Bedford Limestone has a uniform texture and is fairly soft and can easily be worked with carving tools. While working on Youth, the artist used traditional carving instruments such as a hammer and chisel, as well as a combination of electric and pneumatic carving tools that allowed him to carve at a speed more conducive to creating gestural form.

Frahm was born in Charleston, Illinois, and received a BFA from the University of Illinois and an MFA from Southern Illinois University. Parks, public libraries, and private collectors have commissioned his work. He lives in the Los Angeles area where he is an instructor and foundry technician at the Robert Cunningham Studio.